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Easy To Apply, Even With Glasses On. High-Quality 3D Faux Mink Eyelashes. Our Lashes Are Hypoallergenic And Cruelty-Free. Find The Perfect Slay.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our press on nails are crulety free, and made with lots of love. Comes with a file and nail glue to attach them quick and easy .Get your pack today so your fingaz slay too! 

A new weave is a girl's best friend! Shop our hair extensions and wig collection to find the perfect slay for you!

Our Bundles Our Handcrafted, cruelty-free, and long-lasting with no shedding they can stand up to flat irons and combing.  Select your favorite texture to slay all day looking and feeling like your star player!

Our oils, butters, and herb products are made to order to ensure maximum usage no matter how often or less often your body needs to use them.  Please be patient with us as we freshly prepare this part of your order.

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iSlay Gift basket (Any Occasion)
Scrunch butt biker shorts
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Sweet backless tie around tee
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Sprucy growth oil
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Lash light/ magnifier/ on wheels.
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