iSlay Beauty Collection

 “iSlay on the inside and out."

With unforgettable customer experiences and exceptional quality products, The iSlay Collection helps you look and feel like gold. Our CEO the Beauti Plug thought to name her business iSlay in 2016, almost instantly after hearing Beyonce's number one hit song “Formation.” Since then iSlay has evolved from a fantastical idea to an luxury beauty company, helping women achieve the best slay ever!  iSlay Co. Provides fabulous products and services inspired by the millennial lifestyle to our customer.  Our primary niche is beauty, we offer Hair & Wigs in different textures, lengths, and colors that range from Straight to Kinky, 8 inches to 40 inches, Skin Care to help your skin glow and radiate beauty, Cosmetics to spice your slay up to a whole new level, Nails to DIY your slay in mins, and our latest addition to the menu is birthing services and products. 
It is essential to our mission that we empower women all over the globe to look and feel beautiful inside and out.
We are dedicated to providing quality services as well as taking care of the whole person.  Our approach is unique in taking care of our client's needs and desires. We offer the most innovative advancements in hair replacement and other organic salon services to help stand out from the rest. The Beauti Plug is committed to filling this niche. We are not just a business we are a social enterprise working to make a better, happier, healthier, beautiful community.